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  • Randy Adam

  • Verena Koch

  • Falko Matthies

  • Susann Meier

  • Philipp Redmann


Verena Koch




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Application administration, Application analysis, Application maintenence, Business informatics, Databank development, Database administration, E-business/ e-commerce, Embedded systems/ firmware development, Hardware development/ engineering, Head of IT, Informatics, Internet programming/ user interface programming, IT Process management, IT product management, IT project management, IT quality assurance/ IT quality test, IT training, IT-Security, Organisation programming, SAP development, Software engineering, System/ Network administration, Technical editing, Telecommunication & Mobile systems, Other: IT & Telecommunication


Management (CEO, CFO, ...), Head of department/division, Team/project/ management (pers. resp.), Skilled employee/specialists (no pers. resp.)


Advertising, Aerospace, Armament industry, Associations & Unions, Auditing, Banks, Biotechnology, Cellular mobile telephony, Charitable organisations, Chemical industry, Company rating/ evaluation, Consumer products, Culture, art, Electrical engineering, Energy/ water production and supply , Engineering, Entertainment electronics/ IT, Environmental technology, waste disposal, recycling, Financial services, Food production, foodstuff, luxury article, Forestry/ agriculture, Franchise systems, Hardware production (ICT), Healthcare system, care, Heating, air conditioning, sanitation, Holding, administration, Hotel, catering, Household appliances, Insurance, reinsurance, Internet service provider/ hosting, outsourcing, Internet, e-commerce, Investment banking, investment management, Investment counselling, Journalism, Lawyer, legal advice, Leisure time, entertainment, Logistics, Luxury goods, Management consultancy, Market research, Marketing, advertising, direct marketing, Measurement/ testing/ control technology, Media (film, radio, TV), Medical engineering, Metal manufacturing/ processing, Oil/ natural gas production, Other: B2B services general, Other: B2C services general, Pharmaceutical/ health care products/ cosmetics, Plant construction, mechanical engineering, Plastic, rubber, glass, Postal/ dispatch services, Precision mechanics, optics, watches, Print, journalism, Print, paper, packaging, Public relations, advertising, market research, Public sector authorities, Real estate , Renting, leasing, Research/ institutes, Retail trade, Security service, Semiconductor industry, Social services, Software development, Sports, fitness, leisure time, Supplier vehicle manufacturing/ aircraft industry, Tax consultancy, Technical/ commercial services, Telecommunication, Textile trade, textile production, Trade fairs/ events, Transport, forwarding, Travel & Tourism, Universities, colleges, educational centres, research, Vehicle construction, aerospace, Vehicle manufacturing, Wholesale and other trade, Wood, furniture


Java Spezialisten in Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel, Lübeck, komplett PLZ-Gebiet 2 mit einem oder mehreren der folgenden Fähigkeiten: Java, JEE, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, EJB, JMS, C, C#, C++, Spring, Spring MVC, Webflow, JBoss, Hibernate, Struts, XML.-Beans, Log4J, Ant, Maven, IntelliJ IDEA, SOAP, XML, XSD, XSLT, JUnit, TestNG, Subersion, SVN, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux, Windows, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Glassfish Fachkentnisse im Bereich IT and Personalwesen