Sabrina Freudenberg




Region/ Location

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe

Occupational area

Financial consultancy, IT consultancy, Legal advice, Management consultancy, Auditing, Balance sheet accounting/financial accounting, Controlling, Head of finance, Fiscal & Financial management, Other: finance, Account management/ sales, Sales management, Other: Commerce & Sales, Databank development, E-business/ e-commerce, Informatics, IT product management, IT project management, IT Process management, IT quality assurance/ IT quality test, IT-Security, IT training, Head of IT, SAP development, System/ Network administration, Business informatics, Other: IT & Telecommunication, Database market/ direct marketing, Event marketing, Merchandise marketing/ consumer products marketing, Classic marketing, Head of marketing, Media planning/purchasing, Online marketing, Strategic marketing, Other: Marketing & PR, Personnel administration, Recruiting, personnel marketing , Personnel development/ further education & Training, Personnel management, Other: human resources, Advocacy, Labour law, International law, Office of the legal advisor/ legal department, Judge, prosecutor, Other: law, Head of transport & Logistics, Other: Transport & Logistics