Angelika Petschner




Occupational area

Account management/ sales, Other: Commerce & Sales, Civil engineering, Electrical engineers, Computer engineers, Mechanical engineers, Material science, Quality manager, Process engineers, Industrial engineering, Other: engineering, E-business/ e-commerce, Embedded systems/ firmware development, Hardware development/ engineering, Informatics, Internet programming/ user interface programming, IT product management, IT project management, IT Process management, IT quality assurance/ IT quality test, IT-Security, IT training, Head of IT, Organisation programming, SAP development, Software engineering, System/ Network administration, Technical editing, Telecommunication & Mobile systems, Business informatics, Other: IT & Telecommunication, Business development, Contract management, Organisation, Administration, Project management, Process management, Quality management , Board of directors/ management, Other: general management


Vehicle construction, aerospace, Pharmaceutical/ health care products/ cosmetics, Hardware production (ICT), Software development, Telecommunication