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Kienbaum Executive Search GmbH Deutschland


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Als einziges deutsches Beratungsunternehmen verbindet Kienbaum Personalberatung, klassische Managementberatung und Human-Resource-Beratung gleichberechtigt unter einem Dach - und das seit mehr als 60 Jahren. Der integrierte Kienbaum-Projektansatz ermöglicht die Beratung der Kunden aus einer Hand, ohne Schnittstellenprobleme und Koordinationsaufwand. Wir sind erst zufrieden, wenn die erkannten Veränderungsnotwendigkeiten auch in Unternehmenserfolge umgesetzt worden sind. Wir kennen die Kernthemen und die Sprache unserer Kunden. Wir setzen auf eine ganzheitliche Beratung, die die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit unserer Kunden steigert, die Wirtschaftlichkeit ihrer Unternehmen optimiert und die Motivation ihrer Mitarbeiter erhöht.

Occupational area: Art & Culture, Strategic marketing, Patents, Compliance/ safety, Process engineers, Security & Protection, Real estate agents & Facility management, IT project management, Federal officials and federal attendants, Other: finance, School, university, further education, System engineering/ consultancy, Analysis/ economic research, Embedded systems/ firmware development, Electrical engineer, electronic technician, Database market/ direct marketing, Pre-sales consulting, SAP development, Advocacy, Sports & Fitness, Monetary transactions, Personnel administration, Other: IT & Telecommunication, Research and Development, Project management, Balance sheet accounting/financial accounting, Technical consultancy, Media planning/purchasing, Civil engineering, Assistance, Management (foreman, shift foreman among others), Foodstuff logistics, Application maintenence, Publishing, Other: sciences, Road, rail, air and sea freight, IT quality assurance/ IT quality test, Museum & Gallery, Advertising & Communication, Credit analysis, Supply chain (SCM), Indoor service, Personnel consulting, Software engineering, Contract management, Investment consulting, Industrial engineering, Assets accounting, Hardware development/ engineering, Precision mechanics, optics, acoustics, Event marketing, Sales support, System/ Network administration, International law, Therapeutic careers, Taxes/ tax consultancy, Recruiting, personnel marketing , Other: consulting, Online marketing, Computer engineers, Process management, Account management/ sales, Civil engineer , CAD construction/ visualisation, Officials and employees on a reional/local level, Head of finance, Metal trade, Head of transport & Logistics, Database administration, Labour law, Draftsman / Construction drawing, Warehousing/ storekeeping, IT-Security, Theatre & Drama/ Music & Dance, Other: Marketing & PR, Medical research & Laboratory, Consumer business, Associations & Unions, Sales, key account, Other: engineering, Legal advice, Management consultancy, Doctors, Facility management, Financial consultancy, Business analyst, Informatics, Manufacturing technology, Merchandise marketing/ consumer products marketing, Other: Commerce & Sales, Investment banking, Technical editing, Judge, prosecutor, Parcel delivery services, Food manufacture and processing, Personnel development/ further education & Training, Auditing, PR/ investor relations, Material science, Quality management , Field service, Architecture and assembly, Electrical engineers, Officials and employees in foreign service, Fiscal & Financial management, Agriculture, Forestry & Environment, Biotechnology, Databank development, Purchasing, Office of the legal advisor/ legal department, Market research/ market analysis, Building materials logistics, IT training, Other: Design, creative & Arts, Other: Media, News & Broadcasting, Architecture, Nursing services/ social services, Auditor, Board of directors/ management, Customer service, Head of IT, Other: Medical, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Mergers & Acquisitions, IT consultancy, Foreign languages/ Translation, Controlling, Internet programming/ user interface programming, Wood processing, Classic marketing, Application administration, Research & Development, Film, television, radio, multimedia, Tax law, Materials/ raw material logistics/ chemical distribution, IT product management, Personnel management, Design/ graphics/ photography, Product management, Stock exchange dealings, Quality manager, Travel & Tourism, Call-centre/ telesales, Machine building technician, Mechanical engineers, Management, Actuarial mathematics/ statistics, Mathematics, statistics, informatics, SAP consultancy/introduction, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, E-business/ e-commerce, Notary, Electricity, sanitary, heating, air conditioning, Other: Transport & Logistics, Telecommunication & Mobile systems, Organisation programming, Other: Industry & Production, Pharmacy, Risk management, Other: general management, Sales management, Business informatics, Chemical engineers, Organisation, Administration, Investment book-keeping, Medical/scientific consulting, Head of marketing, Corporate business, Archiving and documentation, Cosmetics, hair care, beauty, Other: human resources, Application analysis, Business development, Journalism & Editing, Other: law, Freight forwarding, IT Process management.

Sector: Travel & Tourism, Transport, forwarding, Building supplier, Consumer products, Metal manufacturing/ processing, Measurement/ testing/ control technology, Trade fairs/ events, Chemical industry, Real estate , Oil/ natural gas production, Plastic, rubber, glass, Management consultancy, Supplier vehicle manufacturing/ aircraft industry, Architecture, Charitable organisations, Heating, air conditioning, sanitation, Wholesale and other trade, Vehicle construction, aerospace, Luxury goods, Engineering, Pharmaceutical/ health care products/ cosmetics, Semiconductor industry, Public sector authorities, Biotechnology, Internet, e-commerce, Vehicle manufacturing, Print, paper, packaging, Banks, Training/further training, coaching, Leisure time, entertainment, Aerospace, Electrical engineering, Internet service provider/ hosting, outsourcing, Construction, Food production, foodstuff, luxury article, Armament industry, Medical engineering, Media (film, radio, TV), Investment banking, investment management, Precision mechanics, optics, watches, Retail trade, Investment counselling, Lawyer, legal advice, Marketing, advertising, direct marketing, Forestry/ agriculture, Other: B2B services general, Mining, Logistics, Software development, Household appliances, Culture, art, Healthcare system, care, Financial services, Advertising, Technical/ commercial services, Public relations, advertising, market research, Market research, Entertainment electronics/ IT, Holding, administration, Other: B2C services general, Structural/ civil engineering, Energy/ water production and supply , Plant construction, mechanical engineering, Personnel consulting/executive search, Environmental technology, waste disposal, recycling, Hardware production (ICT), Wood, furniture, Hotel, catering, Research/ institutes.

Companysize: Group (5001 and more employees), Small company (1-20 employees), Mid-sized (21 to 500 employees), Large (501 to 5000 employees).

Employment-Type: Interim position, Permanent position full time, Advisory/supervisory board function, Permanent position part time, Freelancer.

Management-Level: Head of department/division, Team/project/ management (pers. resp.), Management (CEO, CFO, ...), Skilled employee/specialists (no pers. resp.).

Salary: 40,000 - 250,000+