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Company structure

Glasford International Deut...

  • David Buchberger-Göbl

  • Diana Da Silva

  • Sandra Feldmann

  • Christina Janus

  • Alina Kryzhanovska

  • Lars Nelsen

  • Ulrich Ritter

  • Stefan Zöller


David Buchberger-Göbl






Region/ Location


Occupational area

Analysis/ economic research, Investment book-keeping, Assets accounting, Balance sheet accounting/financial accounting, Stock exchange dealings, Business analyst, Compliance/ safety, Controlling, Corporate business, Investment banking, Credit analysis, Head of finance, Consumer business, Auditor, Risk management, Fiscal & Financial management, Actuarial mathematics/ statistics, Monetary transactions, Other: finance, Application administration, Application analysis, Application maintenence, Database administration, Databank development, E-business/ e-commerce, Embedded systems/ firmware development, Hardware development/ engineering, Informatics, Internet programming/ user interface programming, IT product management, IT project management, IT Process management, IT quality assurance/ IT quality test, IT-Security, IT training, Head of IT, Organisation programming, SAP development, Software engineering, System/ Network administration, Technical editing, Telecommunication & Mobile systems, Business informatics, Other: IT & Telecommunication, Publishing, Other: Media, News & Broadcasting, Personnel administration, Other: human resources, Foodstuff logistics, Head of transport & Logistics, Materials/ raw material logistics/ chemical distribution, Freight forwarding, Road, rail, air and sea freight, Other: Transport & Logistics


Skilled employee/specialists (no pers. resp.), Management (CEO, CFO, ...), Head of department/division


Logistics, Internet service provider/ hosting, outsourcing, Metal manufacturing/ processing, Cellular mobile telephony, Other: B2B services general, Internet, e-commerce, Public sector authorities, Biotechnology, Training/further training, coaching, Personnel consulting/executive search, Pharmaceutical/ health care products/ cosmetics, Telecommunication, Textile trade, textile production, Transport, forwarding, Print, journalism, Insurance, reinsurance, Vehicle construction, aerospace, Banks, Supplier vehicle manufacturing/ aircraft industry, Armament industry, Entertainment electronics/ IT, Journalism, Vehicle manufacturing, Aerospace, Financial services, Investment counselling


Mid-sized (21 to 500 employees)