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Company structure

Signium International

  • Signium International Deuts...

    • Signium International GmbH ...

      • Judit Kollesch

      • Dr. Barbara OUT Litjes

      • Angela Westdorf

    • Signium International München

      • Carolin Berres

    • Signium International GmbH ...

      • Bernhard Bachtrögler

    • Signium International Frank...

      • Anne-Monika Dürk

      • Karin Peschl

      • Susanne Reiter

  • Signium International Schweiz

    • Signium International Enge...

      • Nick Engels

  • Signum International Italia

    • Signium International Milano

      • Rosanna Bellet

      • Dr. Francesca Iezzi

      • Martina Loffredo

      • Dr. Benedetta Tampieri


Karin Peschl


Managing Partner




Occupational area

Architecture, Civil engineering, CAD construction/ visualisation, Chemical engineers, Electrical engineers, Research and Development, Computer engineers, Mechanical engineers, Material science, Quality manager, Draftsman / Construction drawing, Process engineers, Industrial engineering, Other: engineering, Civil engineer , Architecture and assembly, Electricity, sanitary, heating, air conditioning, Electrical engineer, electronic technician, Precision mechanics, optics, acoustics, Manufacturing technology, Wood processing, Cosmetics, hair care, beauty, Management (foreman, shift foreman among others), Machine building technician, Metal trade, Food manufacture and processing, Other: Industry & Production, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Research & Development


Plant construction, mechanical engineering, Vehicle construction, aerospace, Biotechnology, Chemical industry, Print, paper, packaging, Electrical engineering, Energy/ water production and supply , Oil/ natural gas production, Vehicle manufacturing, Precision mechanics, optics, watches, Forestry/ agriculture, Semiconductor industry, Household appliances, Wood, furniture, Consumer products, Plastic, rubber, glass, Food production, foodstuff, luxury article, Aerospace, Luxury goods, Metal manufacturing/ processing, Pharmaceutical/ health care products/ cosmetics, Armament industry, Textile trade, textile production, Environmental technology, waste disposal, recycling, Personnel consulting/executive search