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Company structure

Signium International

  • Signium International Deuts...

    • Signium International GmbH ...

      • Judit Kollesch

      • Dr. Barbara OUT Litjes

      • Angela Westdorf

    • Signium International München

      • Carolin Berres

    • Signium International GmbH ...

      • Bernhard Bachtrögler

    • Signium International Frank...

      • Anne-Monika Dürk

      • Karin Peschl

      • Susanne Reiter

  • Signium International Schweiz

    • Signium International Enge...

      • Nick Engels

  • Signum International Italia

    • Signium International Milano

      • Rosanna Bellet

      • Dr. Francesca Iezzi

      • Martina Loffredo

      • Dr. Benedetta Tampieri


Carolin Berres




Region/ Location



80,000 - 250,000+ €

Occupational area

Analysis/ economic research, Investment book-keeping, Assets accounting, Balance sheet accounting/financial accounting, Stock exchange dealings, Business analyst, Compliance/ safety, Controlling, Corporate business, Investment banking, Credit analysis, Head of finance, Consumer business, Auditor, Risk management, Fiscal & Financial management, Actuarial mathematics/ statistics, Monetary transactions, Other: finance, Account management/ sales, Real estate agents & Facility management, Sales management, Other: Commerce & Sales, Civil engineering, CAD construction/ visualisation, Chemical engineers, Electrical engineers, Research and Development, Computer engineers, Mechanical engineers, Material science, Quality manager, Draftsman / Construction drawing, Process engineers, Industrial engineering, Other: engineering, Board of directors/ management, Other: general management, Database market/ direct marketing, Classic marketing, Head of marketing, Doctors, Medical research & Laboratory, Nursing services/ social services, Pharmacy, Other: Medical, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Other: human resources, Civil engineer , Architecture and assembly, Electricity, sanitary, heating, air conditioning, Electrical engineer, electronic technician, Management (foreman, shift foreman among others), Other: Industry & Production


Management (CEO, CFO, ...), Head of department/division


Construction, Building supplier, Real estate , Healthcare system, care, Medical engineering, Social services, Sports, fitness, leisure time, Plant construction, mechanical engineering, Energy/ water production and supply