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Company structure

Westhouse Group GmbH

  • Westhouse Engineering GmbH

    • Westhouse Engineering GmbH ...

      • Gerrit Fischer

      • Michael Pagany

      • Matthias Streuber

  • Westhouse Schweiz AG

    • Westhouse Schweiz AG Regens...

      • Michael Braun

  • Westhouse Consulting GmbH

    • Westhouse Consulting GmbH H...

      • Philipp Just

      • Mirco Klapka

  • Westhouse Italia S.r.L.

    • Westhouse Italia Assago

      • Dr. Francesca Campi


Mirco Klapka


Recruitment Consultant




Region/ Location


Occupational area

Application administration, Application analysis, Application maintenence, Database administration, Databank development, E-business/ e-commerce, Embedded systems/ firmware development, Hardware development/ engineering, Informatics, Internet programming/ user interface programming, IT product management, IT project management, IT Process management, IT quality assurance/ IT quality test, IT-Security, IT training, Head of IT, Organisation programming, SAP development, Software engineering, System/ Network administration, Technical editing, Telecommunication & Mobile systems, Business informatics, Other: IT & Telecommunication


Head of department/division, Team/project/ management (pers. resp.), Skilled employee/specialists (no pers. resp.)


Plant construction, mechanical engineering, Vehicle construction, aerospace, Banks, Biotechnology, Chemical industry, Print, paper, packaging, Retail trade, Electrical engineering, Energy/ water production and supply , Oil/ natural gas production, Vehicle manufacturing, Precision mechanics, optics, watches, Financial services, Franchise systems, Healthcare system, care, Wholesale and other trade, Holding, administration, Engineering, Investment banking, investment management, Consumer products, Plastic, rubber, glass, Food production, foodstuff, luxury article, Logistics, Aerospace, Medical engineering, Metal manufacturing/ processing, Pharmaceutical/ health care products/ cosmetics, Armament industry, Social services, Technical/ commercial services, Textile trade, textile production, Transport, forwarding, Environmental technology, waste disposal, recycling, Management consultancy, Insurance, reinsurance


Small company (1-20 employees), Mid-sized (21 to 500 employees), Large (501 to 5000 employees), Group (5001 and more employees)