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Financial crisis: “Many bankers are on a sabbatical”


7th October 2008, Düsseldorf

The reorganisation of the banking world demands changes from many managers. Placement24 supports bankers with free of charge premium-memberships.

Bankers, who already feel uncertain through mergers and acquisitions have to be prepared for further changes after receiving bad news about the international financial- and bank crisis. Many of them fear for loosing their jobs. Since the beginning of the year the career-manager Placement24 in Düsseldorf found out that the number of bankers, who published their profiles in databases for headhunters has been increasing continuously. This development has been continuing intensifyingly in the last weeks.

According to estimations of headhunters from the banking sector, bank managers react differently to the pressure to change. While some people change the employer within the banking sector and thus do not want to change much with regard to their profession, others look for an entry into smaller fund-boutiques or consulting companies or go into business for oneself. A third group makes use of their savings and wittingly takes a timeout for their families or for spare-time activities.

“Bank managers, who have already made their pile in professional life for 25 or 30 years, are on a more or less voluntary sabbatical instead of changing over or looking for new fields of activity,” Andreas Weik says, who is a headhunter and managing partner at Heads Executive search. “Bankers who face the changes specifically seek contact with headhunters and publish their profiles and professional goals in our internet portal,” Tonio Riederer von Paar adds, founder and CEO of Placement24.

This big headhunting-portal offers all bankers, affected by the shock of the financial marked, a free of charge premium - membership for two months in order to call the specialists’ and executives’ attention to the service. Until the 31st October 2008 every banker has the opportunity to upload his or her curriculum vitae by using the link www.Placement24.com/bankspecial and on this way to get in contact with about 2.300 headhunters. All services with regard to the career companionship by Placement24 can be used without any restrictions. “In this way we make our contribution to an uncomplicated support of the executives who are affected by this problem,” Riederer von Paar says.

How much can I earn in my next career step?


25th September 2008, Düsseldorf/Cologne

- How much can I earn in my next career step?
- Placement24 offers specialists and executives orientation in salary problems.

Career-weather gives indications of the development of industries, of the relaunch and the reprogramming of the frequently visited Website.

Today, the career manager Placement24 in Düsseldorf introduces the new features of the headhunting-portal. For the first time it is possible to make valid statements about the average salary level of the desired job position. Through this specialists and executives can estimate the potential for their future salary progression. The candidates receive an up-to-date overview of the job suggestions which match their personal career goals. Furthermore, it can be seen from the “career-weather”, which industries were especially demanded by the headhunting-partners during the last 90 days.

“We will develop the career-manager more strongly. In the future, we want to make clear to the candidates, which knowledge and skills are missing and how they can fill these gaps. Our new development helps the specialists and executives to estimate and to control their own professional career,” Tonio Riederer von Paar, founder and CEO of Placement24, outlines the advantages for the users.

Besides the online-career-management, the discreet access to headhunters is a determining parameter for users in the process of job-seeking.

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